Designing a Logo and Watermarking Photos

You know that feeling, when you set out to do something that you think will be relatively simple, and it turns out to be annoyingly difficult?  That’s how I feel about learning to make a logo for this blog and watermark my photos.  As it turns out, the bane of cooking and baking bloggers is having your photos stolen and used by others as though they had taken them.  To nip that in the bud, I decided to go back and watermark all my photos before putting up anything new.  This was two weeks ago, in part because I didn’t want to pay for any programs or services to do this for me.  Here’s what I figured out, in the hope this may be helpful for other new(ish) bloggers:

Step 1: Designing a Logo

There are a big variety of sites online that will help you design a logo, but many of them are “free” until you design something you like, then you have to pay to download it.  That, my friend, is not free.  The one I ended up using was LogoMakr, where you can make and download a logo for free or choose to pay them to do one for you.  This cutie is what I settled on:

Even Darker Logo

This, as it turned out, was the easy part of the process.  Now I set myself to adding this cute toast face to all of my existing and future photos.

Step 2:  Watermarking Photos

As easy as you would think this would be, it’s surprisingly hard to find a program to layer one image on another image without paying to download a program like Photoshop.  I settled on Pixlr, because I’d the free app before on my phone for photo editing, but I couldn’t get the files I made on their online desktop version to actually save onto any of several computers I tried with.  Stymied for a while, I eventually tried it with the free app version of Pixlr I already had on my phone.  Turns out, success!

So when you open up the app, you choose the photo you want to edit by clicking the middle button below.


Once you’ve got that open, you select the bottom left icon that looks like two interlocking circles.

logo 1

Among the options that pop up, choose “double exposure” to layer another photo on top of your base photo.

logo 3

Once you’ve opening up the second photo, you can scale it to the size you want it and drag it to the portion of the original photo you want it to sit on.  And voila, watermarked blog photo!  Just click “done” and save it onto your device, and sleep the deep slumber of someone who has made it ever-so-slightly harder for lazy people to steal your photos.

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